Unraveling the Myths of Sexuality

A man is not sexless, he is the opposite of sexless. As a matter of fact, man is not sex-less because he has sex and in a sexual way. On the other hand, a woman is sexless.

Sexuality - Reflection of Relationship

Sex is really a very important component for a relationship and it is really quite obvious that not only a man but also a woman wants to have sex. But at the same time sex can never be all about sex. It should be a relationship between two people and if one person fails then the relationship fails. This is the time when the couple should be ready to be honest with each other.

A person who has sex every now and then does not need to make out in order to be sexually attracted to another person. There are many couples in which the man is not interested in making out. These people do not want to make out and they do not want to kiss. They do not even want to have intercourse. It is not always that the man lacks the sexual urge.

Men sometimes like to have sex without even being physically attracted to another person. These men just go into a fantasy and they forget all about their real life. At the same time, women like to be attracted physically to another person and there is nothing wrong with that. However, it should never be the prime reason for them to have sex.

In fact, this is a common myth and it is completely wrong. If a man is not interested in making out and kissing then he is a very bad sexless man. He should be a good lover, and he should take care of his partner.

It is true that a man is not supposed to take sexual activity as a means of making a relationship successful. However, there are couples who take it to a different level and this creates a big problem. On the other hand, the fact is that sex is not always the most important thing in a relationship.

Sexuality is actually a reflection of a relationship. So, it should not be too much for a person in a relationship to find his or her own pleasure rather than taking pleasure from the partner. Sexuality is not a priority for both parties and thus the relationship could be damaged in a serious manner.

It is important for a person to be sexually attractive and to want to find his or her own satisfaction. Sexuality should not be something that changes between partners. A person should know his or her true sexual self and to seek pleasure from other people and not in a sexual way.